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Use a WhatsApp form to collect data and distribute it among your team

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WhatsApp vs WhatsForm for your team


How WhatsApp works for teams 👎

Your customers can send messages to only one number on WhatsApp. This overloads the main team member

To deal with the workload, this person manually forwards messages to other team members who are free, but this wastes time and resources

How WhatsForm improves the flow 🚀

When customers message you on WhatsApp, they can fill in a WhatsApp Form made using WhatsForm, with their requirements

WhatsForm then forwards the message to your team members either in a sequential order or conditionally depending on the customer's answer

Build WhatsForm in minutes

Choose from over 10+ question types such as date, rating, multiple choice, images and create an easy way to collect information from your customers.

Then, easily forward the submissions to your team on WhatsApp.

With WhatsForm you can

  • Translate to all major languages
  • Start from ready to use templates
  • Convert a Google form in one-click

Forward chats to the right team member

Share the submissions you get on WhatsForm equally with everyone in your team on WhatsApp

Or, WhatsForm can share the message to a specific team member on WhatsApp based on the customers answer

Using WhatsApp for teams with WhatsForm

  • Add as many team members as you want
  • Assign team members for different conditions
  • Assign team members sequentially

Work with your team on WhatsApp easily using WhatsForm

Running your business on WhatsApp could never be this easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsForm part of WhatsApp?

No, WhatsForm is an independent product that allows you to create a Form. This form helps you submit data into your WhatsApp number

Do I have to pay for using WhatsForm?

Not really. 99% of our features are free. However if you want to use the agents feature which allows you to distribute chats among your team, you will have to opt for the paid plan

How many team members can I add?

There is no limit to the number of team members you can add. You can get responses to as many WhatsApp accounts you need.

Do I need to signup for WhatsApp API separately?

No, you do not need WhatsApp API at all. WhatsForm is simple to use and is affordable.

Are there any additional costs by WhatsApp to use this feature?

There is no additional payment taken by WhatsApp to use WhatsForm.

Can I use WhatsForm to send messages to a group chat?

No, WhatsForm cannot send messages to a group chat. WhatsApp does not allow that. This why we came up with Agent routing to distribute the messages one by one to the right team members.

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