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Google Form responses in WhatsApp

Send all the data from Google Form to your WhatsApp number in one-click.
hero image - submit Google Form responses to WhatsApp

Google Form ➡️ WhatsApp

WhatsForm takes care of sending all the data filled by a customer in the form to your WhatsApp app. There is no additional coding effort required. Once the customer data reaches you on WhatsApp , you can continue to have chat with the customer and build a solid relationship with them.

What our customers have to say

A must-have tool for those who use WhatsApp for business.It saves our time as we don't have to ask too many questions to our customers. It's convenient for our customers too. It helps us to understand our customers better!
Fabus Frames

How it works?

With just 3 simple steps, WhatsForm will help you solve the problem of getting data inside WhatsApp.

Convert existing Google Form
In one-click convert your Google Form to a new WhatsApp-ready Form.
Share the WhatsForm Link
Start sharing the WhatsForm link with your customers and we will take care of the rest.
Woohoo! Start getting messages
You will start getting direct messages from customers with all the questions in the form answered.
Google form converted to WhatsForm

All the data inside WhatsApp

When a customer clicks on "Submit on WhatsApp" button in your WhatsForm, all the data filled by the customer will be send to WhatsApp using WhatsApp's API. If the customer is on his mobile browser, it will fire up WhatsApp app automatically. If customer is on the web app, it will route the messages to WhatsApp Web.
submit data via WhatsForm

No Coding. No additional app.

You don't need to take the help of developers. We convert your existing Google Forms in an instant. The converted WhatsForm works by opening a link, just like Google Forms. No other apps are required to manage the data. All responses will be stored in Google servers and inside your WhatsApp.

It takes 10 seconds to
Login and Convert
your Google Form

Create a WhatsForm now